Replace old furniture with fine furniture

It would be really usefull if we could replace lower quality furniture with better quality.

1: The city’s quality would go up and the villagers should be more happy.
2: The village will have a cooler look.
3: When the carpenter has a high lvl its more likely to produce high quality items which ends up in me making more furniture so i get the low quality furniture so that i can build the prebuild houses.


Nice idea, automatic exchange of old furniture placed with new better one (as option) would be nice too. So i not have to care search all my old stuff. Or maybe a menu where i can order my hearthlings search furniture x and replace it with furniture y (working to same size better ones like beds or chairs).

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Yes - I’d love to have an upgrade button available when you select something that has already been placed.

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I also think its good to have a upgrade button or an automatical replacement for placed items (maybe it can be toggled off).

related with Fine furniture not built into house

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