Worker/Farmer Limit

An Idea which I think would make it so much easier for us to manage our little guys would be the ability to limit how many workers/farmers work on a building/farm.

So say instead of having 2 farmers work on 1 farm. You can limit the amount of farmers on that farm to 1 farmer and the other farmer will go work on another farm.

It would allow you manage them and get them working in a more efficient way and should help put a stop to the workers constantly racing each other.

Just an Idea.


It’s possible they may be already heading towards a similar solution. Currently, they’re developing a squad management function to control different specified groups of soldiers and workers–if it works as I assume, we might be able to assign specific jobs or duties to these groups rather than the current system of designing a house and essentially throwing it out there with a “Someone build me!” message on it. I’d imagine this could also work with farming, trapping, and pasture zones and their respective classes, eventually.