Poyopoop for the farmers

So my thoughts are revolving around the farmers at the moment and the production chain involving the cooks.

What if the poyos dropped some manure? And the farmers could utilize this on the fields for better or faster produce?
What if farming fields and poyo zones could overlap? Then it could give some kind of automatic benefit so the hauling issues would not be a concern?

The farmers need to get a way to upgrade their gear like the soldiers? The blacksmith is so focused on making weapons and defences, where in real life the blacksmiths main focus, would be on tools for the community and then in conflicttimes on weapons? The basic wooden hoe could get upgraded with one out of metal and maybe make the farmer more efficient in a way?

And what is the idea behind the 11x11 zones? why 11? or is it just coincidence that it is that number? every other zone you can draw out dont have this limit?

Could the cooks not go and butcher the animals when a roasted poyo is requested? or do we really need all this micromanagement, so we feel more emotion when we decide to remove our pixel livestock from the pens? :smiley:


Yeah, I’d like to improve the farming mechanics, with an eye towards things like irrigation/fertilization/soil quality. I’m not sure when we’ll get to it, but it’s something we’re interested in too. :smiley: