Farming changes and a Composter class

I just had the idea for some farming changes.

              - A blanket nerf to food and farms first off (I always end up with WAY too much food even with a modest farm) but have farmers have the composter class upgrade.

This class would:

  1. Collect plant and animal waste from dining halls and crafters
    (waste would only appear after a composter is promoted)
  2. Bury or pile the waste in a composting zone
  3. Spread resulting compost on crops and growing trees (from a forester? upgrade of a trapper?)
  4. Compost improves yields and boosts the growth speed of crops and growing trees

Any thoughts on this class?


An awfully niche class. Why don’t they just make a compost bin craftable by the carpenter and every ‘hearthling’ can add to it?


You have a point, and that would work too. I only meant for there to be one of these guys in a village, unless demand became ridiculous.

And I feel like a compost bin would need to be metal, unless you want the bin itself to be compost too.

Most compost bins are made from wood. Wood does not compost easily.

didn’t know that oh well lol