Rotten food - new categorie

perhaps we should add a new categorie for the rotten food - so that the hearthlings will automatically sortout the rotten food to an specific stockpile ^^ at the moment its deficullt to destroy them all manually when the are in the normal stockpile ^^

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Just keep all food in crates, piece of cake.

i know what you mean but i think they will later fix this issue (and yes its an bug xD) that food doesnt rot when they are in creates xD

Maybe we could have a trash bin? We could have fly affects and sounds around it but we could keep it out of the way of food… It would also have an optional inventory like other things I.e. You could put all of the rock you mine from now on into a trash can to save space. It would have unlimited storage and items put in there would be impossible to get back.

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i think a compost bin -> passive crafting into fertilizer would be the most immersive solution, which adds also use for farming. Also other side effects could be implemented like diseases or hungry animals get attracted if you horde to much (rotten) food.


I’m hopeful the engineer job will pan out to craft refrigerators!

A good idea!
I especially like “recycling” and disease. Recycling, for example, can be made a high-tier perk for the farmer.


yeah, well it can be connected perfectly with the black cord (diseases, plagues, zombies from raccoon city)
fertilizer as requirement for more complex crops (if crops are harder to obtain, devs can lower the the needed amount for new hearthlings, since the needed amount are enough to feed 100 of them…)
basicly a new aspect which has to be cared of, instead of pure grinding of food.

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how about allowing herbalists to take rotten food and turn them into jars of poison so that foot soldiers and archers can add a poison debuff to their weapons

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thats an really good idea

Rotten food could be used for a number of things, including weak poison, antibiotics, compost, and a host of other things.


The point at which you start purposefully making a place for letting food rot so that you can do stuff with it is the point at which some strange success has been achieved.

Have hearthlings automatically remove rotten food please!:slight_smile:

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