Rotten food should have a sorting Category, instead of none. (and maybe a use?)

Honestly, I enjoy the whole farmer thing, the food expiring, people wanting variety and all, its great.

What bothers me is that the Hearthlings Not Only simple grab the food Closest to them, they also don’t throw out the food that went bad on their own.
This wouldn’t be as much of an issue if the moment food expired, it didn’t stop being “food”.
Once food expires, it no longer counts as food.
But at the same time, it counts as nothing else, so the Hearthlings do not move it, and since it isn’t considered part of any possible sorting, not only do they not move it, but fresh food is also stacked under it, so if I want to delete the rotten food, I have to delete fresh food, just gathered, with it.

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+1, we could use it for fertilization of our crops, in example


they will destroy rotten crops and food baskets on their own but if they have too many tasks or other things to do they will only remove them when there is no room ( at least form what I have seen)

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The rotten food doesn’t take up room, and from my experience they only do anything about it when I set them to Destroy the item, which destroys fresh food they stupidly put under it. They’re standing around doing nothing, talking to eachother, while 5 blocks away from them is the rotten food.

never took note about rotten food spoiling other food

is that in crates or in a storage area?

ive seen it disappear on its own after so long as well

but it seems they clear it out if they are not too busy