Suggestion: Auto remove rotten food

This isn’t really huge but it’s just something that could make gameplay a lot easier. One thing I always noticed while playing is that i’d start to hear the sound of buzzing insects which alerted me that there was spoiled food. This is helpful so that my whole area didn’t get contaminated, but it’s always annoying pausing whatever i’m doing to go and remove the food. Having people auto remove the foods that are spoiled is just something that would make things a lot easier and a little less annoying.


Here is an idea, The rotten food no longer classifies as food. So, it is no longer stockpiled in the food containers. Just stays there because there is no other place to put it. Why not create an special one for “garbage”. The hearthlings would automaticaly take it there, until it dissapears, clearing the space in the food stockpiles. Unless you want to compost it to increase food production :wink:

Have Fun, Kyth


That’s a really cool idea.

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Spoiled food does not “contaminate” other foods. They do not waste space in your containers because spoiled food are ignored by the counter. And they are “auto removed”, after 10 hours (in-game) they are simple deleted. :slight_smile:


That basicaly means that the hearthlings have 10 ingame hours to move the rotten food before it dissapears should composting be implemented :smiley:
They better be quick about it !



Didnt know they got auto-deleated. Thanks!

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I kind of wish it was faster, that sound really, well, bugs me. Heck, if the sound was quieter, I’d probably be fine with it.

Also, I keep thinking I’m hearing those sounds when it’s just the pottery kiln, which makes me distracted enough to try to search for rotten food around only to find none.

It could be made into a simple production chain, like:
Rotten food -> pig food -> pork (-> rotten food -> repeat the circle of life :-P)

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