Rotten Food not disappearing

All my villagers eat time to time. Thats great! because of the crops i take from the fields they are eaten. However, my hearthlings tend to eat the most fresh food first. Wich isnt that bad, but the old ‘rotten’ fruits are there and theres no way (unless going developers mode) to get rid of the rotten food.

Therefor my suggestion: Could you, developers, make an option to get rid of the food by selling it to the merchant or throwing it in a bin or something.

Are you using the latest version of the game? Because rotten food not dissapearing shouldve been solved a while ago

i am, but i never see them dissapear. could be wrong about it tho.

Hi, @Yohane. What version of the game are you playing?

As of one of the most recent unstable builds, rotten food will persist for a little while, but yes it should decay after a short while and disappear out of your inventory.

Please watch for this behavior and let us know if it does not disappear on its own eventually.

I’m not sure if this is right, but reading the file it seems it take 5 days for a food that is already rot to disappear by itself.

You can also go into the harvest menu, and the last icon (red X) purpose is to destroy objects. You drag it over the rotten food and they will destroy it.

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Hi @BrunoSupremo
Which file are you reading? I thought I made it so rotten food went away in 10 hours … Though I could be mistaken XD

Ops, I think I read the time for it to start rotting.
At mixins/food/food_decay/food_decay.json
The min (120) and max(140) values.
Those are to get from a health food to a rotten one, right?

I think I messed up this time lol

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@BrunoSupremo phew. Yeah those are how long it takes to become rotten :slight_smile:

`^^ seems like i confused you all quite much :stuck_out_tongue: Sry for that one.

playing latest build by the way

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