[Question] Rotten Food?

How do you get rid of rotten food that is in your stockpile?

Destroy it with “remove item” tool. Be careful not to tag useful items.

Rotten food is removed automatically after a short time and once it becomes rotten it no longer takes up stockpile space.


Okay, thanks @Omegasa but if I do spot it then I know how to remove it anyway :slight_smile:

That’s nice to know because it’s annoying to delete each individual item. :slight_smile:

Note that each basket of rotten food has a negative-30 appeal, so it might be worth it to delete them.

if i do not know wrong if you store your food in barrels, it will last longer

This is an old myth that keep coming back. Storing food will not make it last longer.

Just wish there was a better way to get rid of it.

There’s a reason for people to believe that, I think. The Food_Decay service actually has a bug that when a food item is produced but taken straight to a container without ever touching the ground, it is not “listened to” and will technically never rot :smiley:

I actually found about it (and reported it) while working on the cooling system for Glassworks. So it is possible that isolated cases of where some bits of food last really long inside containers have caused this myth to exist :slight_smile:


Would explain why I nearly never have rotten food: I’ve always got stacks of boxes right next to my fields.


I’m not sure it happens to harvested food, though

As far as I could notice, it only happens with crafted food that goes from a crafter’s inventory to storage - I dunno if farmers’ take it straight to the boxes though, in that case then it would indeed happen :smiley:

I thought crafted food didn’t spoil anyway, or maybe I only thought that because of this bug.

It does, but takes a very long time.
Several hundred in-game hours (or dozens of days)

Ahh, that would do it. That’s pretty much never for me, because I’ve generally stopped playing the game before then. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m waiting until it’s more stable with more building-related etc. fixes before I commit to a full game of it again.