Rotten food (Alpha 18)

On a new world I am playing I noticed that ALL the Rotten Food Baskets are staying inside the crates if it started to rot there, and the Hearthlings don’t take them out
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place down crates, chests or vaults
  2. Put food in them
    3)Wait for it to rot

Expected Results:
The Hearthlings take out the rotten food in the crates and disposes them
Actual Results:
The rotten food stays there forever
Even if the filter on the crates are at “None”, the Hearthlings still don’t take out the rotten food, meaning you can’t get rid of the crates, only move them. (And the rotten food takes inventory space, in the world, I have currently 1100 rotten food baskets, which is 1/3rd of my total capacity ( which is full))
Version Number and Mods in use:
Steam Latest (A18) None
System Information:


Food (as you may already know) still rots when inside storage boxes/chest/etc., well there seems to be no possible way of removing them from the chest itself without having to go through some complicated breaking, dropping and whatnot. Is there something I’m missing here?

Edit: Console is not a solution, since it’s something you shouldn’t have to touch to remove items. Regardless, console “delete” command ends up deleting the whole chest instead of just the item.

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The rotten doesn’t disappear after a time like it does in a stockpile? (I can’t remember)

You can filter the chest to “none”, so hearthlings will take all items out, as long as there is another place they can put the items. Which means you will need another place with “all” items allowed (as rotten food has no category)

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Yeah I assumed that was the only solution, it’s time consuming though and that’s what I was trying to avoid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps stuff like rotten food should be given a “garbage” stockpile tag and a “garbage” category be introduced to stockpiles. This will include future useless stuff as well, allowing us to create a garbage dump (stockpile).


(2cent addition)
Have the garbage dump increase the likely hood of attracting guests the more garbage it holds, bears, bear cubs, stray gobs ect,…


I was able to reproduce this. I had to use speed 3 to get the food to rot faster.
Rotten food outside of the crate disappeared, but food that rotted inside of the crate didn’t, after 12 days of waiting for it to disappear (after they changed to uncategorized). Trying to get it out by changing stockpile filters didn’t work, so I suspect it is indeed bugged.

Alpha 18 d3092. Merged the other topic since it’s related and gives suggestions to fix it and improve it.


The Temp. solution seems to have no chests marked as “all” and make sure all food stays in stockpiles instead of chests. It really sucks since it has crippled a town I really liked ;-;

Rotten food will eventually take over any container that food and drink is stored in.

When this happens, I just delete the container and rebuild it with the same filter. It takes forever to shuffle the food around but at least its a solution (kind of).

The total food storage degradation over time is a reasonable mechanic, but why not just decrease the total without the rotten food? Generating rotten food items creates more problems than it solves.

So here I was just building some buildings for my Lake Town when I suddenly noticed the huge amounts of food that has been harvest just lying around on the ground. But how can that be possible, I have a gigant storage for food and plants. I looked to the crates to find out and this is what I saw. Massive amounts of rotten food. My little villagers won’t remove it even when I set the filter to none.

Version Number and Mods in use:
(3092) alpha 18.
System Information:
16gb ram
GeForce GTX 970m
windows 10, all drivers and patches up to date.

Same problem here. I had to use the console to destroy crates. Then ordered my hearthlings to destroy tons of rotten food now lying on the floor.
Now i stock food on dedicated zones and periodically destroy rotten food manually…


is there any other stockpile set to all?

I am not sure if console destroying a container properly destroys its contents. Or are those items just lost in limbo (occupying a teeny bit of your memory/diskspace, until one day they are not so teeny enough for you not to notice… )

well, if it doesn’t get fixed soon enough, I may try to hack (mod) the rotten food entities to have a valid stockpile entry so that they can be controlled.


One way is to set it to filter “none”, hearthlings will then empty the container putting the items in other possible containers. So just mark a stockpile with filter “all”, because rotten has no category and can only go to “all”. While in stockpile zones, they can despawn naturally, after a day or so. Or you can use the destroy tool and drag over the whole stockpile.
You don’t need to destroy through console, we have a tool to destroy, the red "X’ at the harvest menu, you can drag an area and hearthlings will destroy everything inside.

I would just be happy if they let us sell it to a merchant for 0 gold.

If they introduce more complication for farming later, it would be an interesting mechanic if you could do something like designate a compost pile where they take rotten food. The rotten food would over time turn to fertilizer or mulch or something in that vein. This can then be used by farmers to boost growth rates of crops.

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I was about to make the same thread, I have something like 600 rotten food I cannot get rid of =(

I’ve seen them pile up so much I always assumed they didn’t.

Uhm, I’m used to sell the food excess. Maybe they take a little longer to rot than a single day, but I always have very few because of this.

Rotten food will eventually remove itself, at least if it’s left out in the open. I’m not sure whether containers stop food rotting or not – I’ve been working under the assumption that they do, since my containers are always full of fresh food and I never see rotten food in them or being taken out of them. Of course, that would mean that any rotten food placed into a container would be prevented from rotting away…

I’m not sure if rotten food comes under one of the food categories or some other miscellaneous category; but if it’s the latter then simply turning that category off should solve your issue.

As others have noted, selling surplus food is better than letting it go to waste. Alternatively, scale back your food production and build more storage – if you want to build the massive stockpiles required for 30+ immigration, it’s better to have a steady supply that just out-paces demand, rather than going for the “seasonal spikes and dips” approach.

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Or even sell for a -1 cost; you have to pay a guy to haul away garbage.

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maybe somebody could mod in a recipe that turns rotten food into fertilizer… :wink: