Rotten Food doesn't disappear and takes huge inventory use

Food doesn’t disappear after they rot
And after a while takes up a huge amount of inventory
Steps to reproduce:

  1. make food(crops)
  2. let some rot in a storage container
    3)lose a lot of inventory

Expected Results:
The rotten food disappears after a while
Actual Results:
They don’t and end up taking 1000+ inventory
As some reports have pointed out, they only stay when they’re in a storage contaner like crates
Version Number and Mods in use:
Current steam latest
System Information:
8Gb RAM, i7 processor, GTX-760

I know this is a commonly reported issue(usually in a title that the rotten food should have use) but i’ll be reporting again aince it’s a really important bug in a gameplay standpoint

A good example is my own town that has 27or so hearthlings and 4600 or so in max inventory, and rooten food is 1100or so inside of it, i know i have a excessive amount of farming, but that’s a little much

A quick and dirty way of hixing this would be to add a ‘Rotten_Food’ filter into the stockpile and container filters, so you can have a large dedicated stockpile that will gather all the rotten food that is produced, and have the rooten food filter to be off by default, so the player doesn’t need to switch off it for all te containers and only has tp enable it for a correct one(and it’ll probably mean that the rotten food will be taken out when created, helping it evaporate even if the player doesn’t place a dedicated stockpile

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