Rotten food still takes a spot in Stockpiles

Stockpiles get less places available when the food wich is placed in the stockpile rots away (the counter seems to work fine, but the hearthlings don’t recognize the new room available after the rotting away of the food.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Gather a lot of berries (or other food)
  2. wait for them to rot (and disappear)
  3. try looting other stuff like logs
  4. Stockpile seems to be full and your hearthlings will nog gather the logs

Expected Results:
There should be new available room in the stockpile once the food has rotten and disappeared

Actual Results:
The rotten food is not removable and your stockpile will have less spots available forever

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 15, BuildID 1036459
no mods in use

System Information:
EVGA 3GB GTX 780 Ti Superclocked
Microsoft Windows 10 64bit
Corsair Vengeance Red 16 GB RAM
Intel Core i7-4770K

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the rotting food stays in the spot? So when you check inventory it is shows at the bottom as unsorted? Or is the spot empty after the food has rotten away but can’t be filled with something else?

I know of some trouble getting rit of rotten food, missing a remove button for it.

Step 1 : Cntrl + C
Step 2: Click on Rotten Food
Step 3 : Type destroy in the Console
Step 4 : ???
Step 5 : Profit

While using the console is possible, it should NOT be the answer to remedy the problem. There needs to be a built in function for heathlings (preferably farmers) to dispose of rotten food by themselves, and not the player having to find out how to use the console…

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The food has already disappeared and the hearthlings won’t place any new items on the spots that have become unoccupied

Confirmed and fixed for the next release. Thanks for reporting!


Hey there @Sergen, welcome to the Discourse! Thanks for the report!

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you’re welcome, I’m always willing to help


Just a note: the Clear button in the harvest menu does this. But it requires the player to mark the items to delete, just like with any other harvest function (like chopping trees).