Bringing new life to master and apprentice!

I recently was reading topics on different kinds of population growth and (the one that’s relevant to what I’m talking about now) apprentice and master, and I was thinking. Perhaps when you promote a hearthling to a new class, and you have a level 5 or 6 of that same class, the veteran would teach the newbie? This would be totally optional. What would happen is the veteran would take some time from his and the apprentices schedules to teach the apprentice some of his tricks of the trade and such. Neither the master nor apprentice would be very useful during this teaching time, but on the plus side, later, the apprentice would level up faster and even learn new skills sooner. At level 2 or so, the master would stop teaching his pupil. Here are some other things the master-apprentice system could introduce:

  • Skipping a class or two with the help of a teacher.
  • When the master is in a point of age to where he’s retired, he could write a book in order to preserve what he had learned over his career

Tell me guys what you think in the comments and I’ll see yall later!


Of this idea, I really like the idea of a master writing a book to preserve knowledge. I think it would be really cool (and maybe to some degree make sense gameplay wise) to have a max level class create an item that allows for other hearthlings of the same class to gain experience faster. It would certainly make creating duplicate job less of a grind as well as reward a player for making a class get to the max level.

(I admit, I am also a fan of this idea because I still like the idea of a scholar class :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

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That’s actually my favorite part too! Honestly, it would take a while, but that’s why it would most likely happen when the person of said class is close to dying, wheter it be of age or disease.

Hmm, OK, let me put this to solid ground.

Let’s say level 6 profession gets the ability to craft on a special workbench ( example: small library ) a one time craft able special item ( example: crafting profession book ) which would be able to be carried by less than level 4 crafter and would use up 1 backpack space but in return would provide +15% exp rate; +20% if you have the great good luck to get a “special” + “fine” item.

Yet, when getting level 4 you would then receive normal exp gain and the book may be re-usable ( Hearthling would drop it to nearest stockpile for another Hearthling to pick up, just as if it were a “new” armour type.

This way we could not abuse of massive book crafting and getting everyone to max profession level in no time.

Would this suit your initial idea?

It seems like your hearthlings are capable of getting buffs (Devoted). I imagine it would be fine to have the book work like a buff, but drop the percent (10% instead of 20%, etc). Plus if the book is a one time use, it would mean you would have to craft the book multiple times to upgrade multiple hearthlings.

I feel like this would not be too overpowered if you adjust the percent gain. It’s like how the improved workers outfit gives 10% speed. It’s not a lot, but over the long run it’s much better if you go to the trouble of making it. Plus you’ve already put a lot of time and resources into getting your original hearthling to their max level, so making it easier for later heathlings doesn’t seems like it would be game breaking.

I was thinking, yes, a 10% bonus, but I was also thinking that the hearthling in general would give away the book earlier, like at level 2-3.

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Even if a higher level Hearthling (not necessarily a master) just has a conversation with the new apprentice and it helps them gain the xp quicker to get to the same level.