Idea for use of forge in smithing

basically at first you can build copper and bronze items with just the anvil but when you unlock it you can build a forge to unlock and make iron and eventually steel items it will also enhance copper and bronze crafting

i also have an idea how the smith with craft using it this scenario is for making a iron sword

  1. he grabs an iron ingot from the stockpile
  2. he puts it into the furnace and pumps the bellows abit
  3. he uses some tongs to grab the red hot metal and takes it to the anvil
  4. he hammers the metal abit
  5. he grabs wood from the stock pile and takes it to the anvil and crafts the sword like any other crafter get an iron sword

i know i sounds long written but it would be quite quick ingame evan at normal speed


Good idea! Though I think Radiant plans on using the forge for making bars.

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the only thing I would change is make the furnace out of stone so you also have to melt down the copper and bronze, but everything sounds amazing! :smile:

you do know that the forge is made out of stone already

I think Tom mentioned the forge will be stone crafted by the Mason in a stream. :smile: