Blacksmith feul rework idea. Opinion needed ^¢^

Alright i once again need your opinion. ^^

I saw the post come by about the blacksmith not using coal and i it sparked an idea i already had for some tiem again.

I think that having to use one wood for every smelting is quite harsh. So i was think about making a fuel system that is quite simple and allows multiple sources as coal and wood to be used as fuel for the blacksmith smelting.

System 1 craft

The system i have in mind is that the Blacksmith can craft fuel (forge fuel?) that is needed to smelt things. I was thinking about 2 wood for 3 fuel and 1 coal for 3 fuel. This makes it posible to use both coal and wood.

System 2 refuel

Alright so another idea is to make the forge refillable. This would be similar to the engineer that repairs the traps. This system will remove the wood cost for smelting and instead the blacksmith will refuel the forge every now and then with wood (or maybe coal).

Multiple awnsers allowed!

  • I would want to use this System 1 craft!
  • I would want to use this System 2 refuel!
  • I wound’t mind the system 1 craft.
  • I wound’t mind the system 2 refuel.
  • I dont like the systems and would rather keep using the original stonehearth way.

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Thanks in advance! And if you have any other comments or suggestions just put it in the comment ^^

Sorry fot the inconvinience about the double post.

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In my opinion, using System 1 and System 2 together would be a better idea instead of picking just one of them. Let me explain myself better.

For example, make the forge refillable as mentioned in System 2:

But make it so that it is fueled and refueled with “Forge Fuel”, that can be crafted by the Blacksmith using wood or coal, as mentioned in System 1:

At least, that’s what I think. Merging the two systems would make a more interesting rework of the Blacksmith.
If you agree or disagree with me, let me know why you do by replying to me in this discussion.


Third alternative, give the carpenter or stonemason a little charcoal burner crafting station, allow one of those to turn wood into coal. This way you don’t have enough coal? Wood will be used. You do have enough coal? That will be used. And it won’t slowdown the blacksmith if something needs to be made because another class will chip in on the time front, classes which tend to have time left.


I think that the idea is Interessting but if you make it with only system 1 please make sure that it works with smart crafter (I dont know if thats added by the modders or if thats automaticaly included by the smart crafter mod)

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I must say i do like the idea. I think it could give an intresting gameplay mechanic. It depends a bit on what the poll resluts will turn out but ill sure keep this option in mind.

I actually already have a system in my mod that you can craft coal form wood so making it require coal instead of wood might be a good option as well ^^
Since in real life the fuel that is used to fuel a forge is almost always coal.

I will have to look into how smart crafter works to know if it compatible. I’ll give a look into that mod to see how it functions

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System 2 for sure. Takes me back to my old Runescape days, playing with the blast furnace.

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The only potential issue I see is ensuring that with system 2 the furnace isn’t constantly on burning up your fuel.

On the contrary, I think that adds a nice “counterpoint” to the system. It shouldn’t be a perfect system, since Stonehearth’s technology level doesn’t quite allow us to create high voltage arc furnaces. I would even leave vanilla SH system in place, and only allow System 2 to be accessed via a special workshop – a blast furnace, if you will. That way, when you have a small scale batch of bars, you can use the regular furnace, but if you have a large order of stuff, you’d go to the blast furnace.


Well that should be easy to control that it will only use fuel when used.

@Moai I really like that idea as well! Give the play a good way to bulk craft ingots if the want.

I really love that all of you bring all the ideas!

@Moai with that in mind you could make a special workbench for that, rather larger then the usual, and just make the recipy take the 5-10 fold of the usual one with a lot more output all in one go…sounds interesting.


I have been thinking some more and had some more ideas. I generally dislike the usage of wood for smelting. I have been thinking about how to get it to coal without making it a real hard thing.

Currently i have a recipe that uses 3 wood to create 1 coal. I was thinking about changing it to charcoal which can not be used to make steel but can be used to use af fuel for the forge. And changing all the requirements to coal instead of wood. Change the ratio into 2 wood into 5 charcoal.
Making it so that the hearthlings would prefer to use charcoal instead of normal coal for smelting.

This would make it so that some recipes that use coal can also use charcoal as well while some recipes only can use real coal. (Just like in real you cant use charcoal for making steel)

This system would come close to the system 1 craft but allows normal coal to be used as well.

The refueling system would still be nice but downside to that is that i would have to wait for my friend to be able to write lua (should not take very long) since i need real code for that. I can not simply use the siege weapon component.

Making another furnace for mass smelting is a good idea whatever system i will or will not implant ^^

Whatever system i will choose or not ill be at least making a charcoal bruner. Cureently the forge is used to make coal from wood and a seperate workbench for that seems fitting.