Is it planned to make own coal / Charcoal?

My question is will you add some:
Charcoal pile // Charcoal burner
to make Charcoal from wood?

If any one own many wood but no coal for the blacksmith for smelting?

That’s could takeover the carpenter.
Whats your opinion about that?

(If is was suggest before please reply with the link, but I found nothing like that.)
I hope you understand it but English is not my mother language

Br RawEdge


well coal is in the game all ready and it will probably be used by the black smith in order to make steel or by the engineer
in order to make well, engins

What if after your nightly fire burned out, there was a chance for a piece of coal/charcoal to replace the wood?


I support charcoal if, for nothing else, that it can be combined with sulfur and saltpeter for some explosive results that will just blow your socks off!

Goes back to the Corner of Pun-ishment


I meant that if one is not getting enough coal from the mountain to produce steel, we can make them as himself.
Sure, you can use the coal later for another, magic, or even explosions.

The ratio should also fit well, if a tree / wood is burned, should be 2 or slightly more coal to get out.
Because of processing would only make one more effort, but would have no benefit. As only 2 materials to be replaced.

And later in the game catapult with fire shells :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I +1 this, so long as it stays balanced. I.e. 4 wood --> 1 coal, and it takes up a bunch of work units / occupies the forge or an oven.

I actually have an interesting idea regarding coal, a mod I could whip up for this… but unfortunately have two exams this week! :stuck_out_tongue: