Why blacksmith cannot use coal instead of wood for smelting?

Title says it all…


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I would guess that it’s because of how much it would complicate things for very little benefit. Since wood is a renewable resource and coal isn’t, you generally want to use your coal for smelting steel. To allow for coal to be used sometimes but not accidentally run through it when you want to save it for later, you’d need to either duplicate all smelting recipes or have a setting for when it’s okay to use coal in place of wood.

If you could make charcoal from wood that could be used in place of coal (for making steel), then I think having coal/charcoal be usable in place of wood would definitely make sense, but you’d still want to have a setting somewhere for how to prioritize their usage.


For raya child, wood is sparse… so Its hard to smelt in large quantity

I don’t which mod give it but I have a recipe for coal from wood… But I cannot use it for low level smelting.

It’s definitely not as common in the desert as in the forest, but you also use it for a lot less as Rayya’s Children than as the Ascendancy. I’ve never had a problem getting enough wood since they added the seeds dropping from trees.

You should check which mod gives that recipe, because that seems like the best place for coal smelting to be implemented.

Hmm trying to search the discource for a mod that did this a while ago, but cant seem to find it.

Basicly it did what you are suggesting, added a number of extra recipes where you could use coal aswell as wood.

I used a while back and it worked great, the only thing was that, there suddenly where alot of recipes that looked the same, but the only difference was wood/coal.

Cant even remember who made it :sunny:

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I think you’re looking for this one:


I’m going to say something probably really dumb here now but: isn’t there an OR function we could do in recipes? I mean even models can do “One Of the following” and pick from their models…


Thank @Logo

I will look into this mod.

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No problem. I used to feel this way too, but with the new seed implementation you can get tons of wood as Rayya’s Children with some time. Replanting seeds from Acacia trees and cacti can completely sustain your settlement’s wood needs. Sometimes when ya chop em down they drop more than one seed, so you’ll notice that your supply of seeds to replant always ends up larger than the number of plants ya chopped down. (At least this is what I’ve observed by harvesting fully grown trees/cacti.)

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