New method to make metal?

i have study some book about metal forging and i found out that steel is made from pig iron,not from iron like we play,so i have some suggestion,should we add new kind of alloy to game system like pig iron and some tool for it?It would be great,to make the game more real :slight_smile:

Maybe I have misunderstood you but the hearthlings(smith) smelt iron ore to bars and use coal to smelt them to steel.
Which is pretty close to the real deal.


Seeing as hearthlings right now aren’t even drinking, let alone interact with water, the focus could better be somewhere else in development instead of the already pretty detailed smithing.


“Pig iron” is actually highly-carbonised alloy mostly consisting of iron, which is obtained by turning iron/coal mixture into liquid state. The minimum tech level for melting iron is blast furnace (since iron requires quite high temperatures to liquify). It is slightly unlikely to be seen in this time period. But if we assume the forge of our blacksmith is actually a primitive blast furnace then we can also assume that by making “iron ingots” we actually create pig iron, not pure 100% iron per se.
Historically, before using coke or anthracite coal metallurgists used charcoal obtained from carbonised wood. Hence our in-game recipe iron + wood = iron ingot.

Games tend to simplify real life somewhat to keep themselves playable. I don’t think we need to complicate things more.


Unless someone wants to make TerraFirmaHearth. I’d play it.

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