Hello guys ,about metal ignot for blacksmith

To create his job,
I need to create 2 metal ignot.
But I do not see any option to create them…
Does anyone have an idea?
Thank you my friends!

@MichaelTraveler, to create a blacksmith, you should not need metal ingots, just 1 stone and 2 copper ore (which can be found while mining) to craft a hammer with the mason.

Paging @8BitCrab, gameplay?

that is to create the blacksmith hammer. what I believe he is saying is about creating the second forge for a blacksmith which states it requires you to make x amount of metal ignots

which if you make any of them count towards as a metal ignot


blacksmith anvil



yep … taking about the anvil.
there is any way to craft the metal ingot?

Any ingot counts, so just use copper.

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i did state that you can make any metal ingot and it would count towards the metal ingot


yeah guys.
but the problem is that there is no way to “create metal ingot” from the blacksmith by himself.
i mean…
i see that i can make any kind of ingots by the blacksmith. but not the metal one…

if you make any of the regular ingots they will be classified as a metal ingot. which would count towards the anvil.

so use any metal you want. thre is not generic ‘metal ingot’ recipe


make 5 copper ingots = 5 metal ingots
5 tin ingots = 5 metal ingots

am I making sense?

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Still having trouble understanding friends
How am I supposed to make any kind of ingots if i dont have the anvil already?

when you first promote a person to blacksmith you can make the

blacksmith forge with 3 stone chunks

after you place the forge you are able to make
by default you are automatically able to make

copper and tin ingots

now to make the blacksmith anvil. you ahve to be level 1 blacksmith which means you have to make ignots anyways.

once you become level 1 blacksmith, you should already have some ‘metal’ ingots to count towards the recipe (you got this by crafting the copper and tin ignots)