Bronze vs Iron in game

Bronze isn’t worth making right now, with iron being so much easier to make and providing superior items.

Look how much it cost to make one bar of Bronze vs one Bar of Iron.
Now compare the bronze mace to the iron mace, and bronze armor to iron armor.

I see a few things that could be considered.

  1. Change the recipe for bronze so that one tin bar + one copper bar + one wood block = 2 bars bronze so bronze items are easier to get and desirable for early game defenses.
  2. Set a min level for iron crafting.
  3. Improve stats on bronze armor.
  4. Add more bronze items (shield)
  5. add bronze/iron/steel tools that provide bonuses to other professions

Right now it seems much more efficient to start making iron armor and weapons and ignore bronze. Iron and coal is useful, all other ores are just clogging up the inventory.

additional note - I do realize that all these items are going going to change as this is alpha and all - but bronze crafting (and any issues that may occur) will not get as much testing if the value for making these items is absent. When I was brand new to the game, I spent a bunch of time trying to craft bronze and learned a bunch about the problems than can occur when you try to ‘maintain x in stockpile’. Now that I’ve played a while, I just skip that input entirely. With the blacksmith having so many potential materials as inputs, a lot more can go wrong with his crafting queue. I think we should encourage using as many materials as possible here.


it depends how much minerals are around you, so I’m guessing you live on/near a mountain

I just use Bronze to level up the blacksmith so I can make plate. But I agree I have never made bronze weapons. I have made the bronze armor So at least I have something while I wait for the steel full plate.


i always quickly make bronze armor and weapons, and then turn all my iron and coal into steel for the platemail, by the time my blacksmith has finished making steel ingots im able to make it usually…

you lucky bastards! My last 5 games all i find are tin, copper, silver and gold veins. litterally NO iron veins it’s driving me CRAZY i rarely get to making plate mail because of the shortage in iron…

Sometimes, game is “funny” with spawning veins, I got only iron, silver, coal…

But what purpose is silver and gold? Maybe in future patch we will use them?

they’re definately meant for later. Like jewelry and stuff that can be sold for more gold coins so you can by expensive stuff or something of the sort.

But indeed atm they have no use but gaining experience for the blacksmith

i once had “steel” mines, a coal and iron vein spawned side by side…

probably the biggest coal/iron veins ive ever found