About blacksmith

its a very small suggestion for blacksmith
for making bronze we use 2 ingots (1 copper and 1 tin) and get only 1 ingot i think if we get 2 ingots it will be more realistic


While I do agree with the realistic part, I like the fact you receive only one ingot, it adds a bit more challenge and it’s also a way of keeping storage in control :slight_smile:


I like your suggestion. I think since the game is still in this stage of development these numbers aren’t all the final numbers for the game.

I hate to be “that guy”, I really do, but I’m going to be that guy.

Bronze is usually about a tenth tin when made of copper and tin, so if you wanted realism, you’d use an ingot of copper and an ingot of tin and get one ingot of bronze and one of pewter, but there’s nothing to do with pewter in the game so you’d throw it away :wink: And of course, that’s assuming that you’d store copper and tin in roughly equal-sized ingots. Traditionally, alloyed ingots of workable metals were roughly in the ballpark of 10kg each, so you’d never use even a whole ingot to make a weapon - arming swords (what gamers would call longswords) weighed about a kilogram with hilt and handle. Even the massive flamberge Zweihander weighed in at a relatively manageable 3-4kg. Only the most ridiculously huge Scottish twahanders approached 10kg.

The moral of this rambling story is don’t let a desire for realism get in the way of making a good game, or a fun one. :smile:



as much as we hate to be or witness “that guy”, sometimes “that guy” got a point though.


Pewter makes some awesome mugs, goblets, or steins, might add some dinnerware to the blacksmith’s recipe book,
or plates and stuff.