Iron Shield has less defense than the Bronze Shield (and more)

Iron Shield Gives Less Defense than Bronze Shield
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get a blacksmith and check out the def stat on the two.

Expected Results:
I expected the Iron would give more def.
Actual Results:
It’s the opposite.
Don’t know if this was intended
Iron Shield

Bronze Shield

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 14 Dev 2820

System Information:
Alienware Alpha, WIndows 10, 55 inch emerson tv.

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i can confirm this. apparently Tom didnt check the defense of the iron stuff when he added the new bronze items :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: oh, i guess i should also note that the bronze shield has the same ilevel as the iron shield.

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I have run into the same issue, and after creating a bronze shield, my hearthlings refuse to equip that instead. It is the same with the bronze circlet/iron helmet. In fact, the bronze circlet comes up in game as a leather skull cap.

If someone tells me how, I’ll add some screen captures. Never used these forums before, and having a hard time figuring out how to add the screen cap.

I was going to report this too, good job

Although it should also be noted that the Bronze Circlet has more DEF value than Iron Coif as well

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i bumped you up to TL1 so you can now upload files,

to upload a file its as simple as either using the upload button,

or just drag and dropping the file.

hope that helps.

Thanks, will post my screen caps now!

This doesn’t show the value of the shield, but the tooltip name seems like it is in error.

Here is the circlet, mislabeled in the tooltip as Leather Skull Cap.


Bronze shield have 3 DEF points, Iron shield have 2 DEF points. Iron shield should be better than bronze shield. :smiley:

Expected Results:
Bronze shield have 2 DEF points, Iron shield have 3 DEF points.

Version Number and Mods in use:
release-504 (x64)


Thanks for the report, although this has been reported already over here:

I’m sure I saw this fixed, I must be seeing things xD

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it was fixed on the Tuesday night stream :smile:

but the fix hasnt been pushed to steam yet.


Thought I saw it somewhere, I started to think it was a similar bug or something, Thanks for clearing that up! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wait a sec…was this fixed last night? I thought @sdee fixed helmets…not shields.


oh… maybe she didnt touch the shields… for some reason i thought everything related to the armor was fixed last night…


the main thing she touched up with all armors or most of them was getting them to be stocked. Namely the new ones not having a tag for being in one of the 2 armor categories. Light and heavy. However the helms were at least checked. I know she took to the wooden shield mainly.

I arrived near the end of that stream. >< but was in time to see the end of the RC clay chair bit, and onward. Don’t know what she worked on before that.

So might be possible some of the others are not in line. Thought she at least go the armor pieces. Shields I do not know… Don’t recall here doing anything to shields beyond checking to see if they were stockable, I think.

Didn’t she rename one of them to “Steel Shield”? Not sure about the attributes, though…


They have renamed the Trusty Shield to Steel Shield :wink: So nothing todo with this

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