Iron Coif gives more DEF than Plate Helm

In the crafting menu, the Iron Coif has 5 DEF, while Plate Helm has 4 DEF, despite the latter selling for more and requires more skill (and better materials) to make.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get a weaver
  2. Look at Iron Coif
  3. Look at Plate Helm

Expected Results:
Steel gives more protection over Iron

Actual Results:
Iron gives more protection over Plate

Should be a simple fix.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Dev-2818, Vanilla

System Information:
Intel Core i7-4910 MQ, 2.90GHz
RAM: 8.0 GB DDR3
Quadro K2100M
64 bit OS


Can confirm this in dev-2818

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TR has made a fix, and it will be in the next build (not 2820 though)


It’s sort of fixed in 2820…Now it just weirdness with the bronze circlet.


I am playing 2820 and I just had a footman remove the plate helm in preference for the Iron Coif. I had him switch jobs back and forth, and in the end he settled on the Iron Coif even though there were four Plate Helms lying around. None of my other footmen will take the Plate Helm either.

He switches job back to footman. Begins equipping. He selects the plate helm. He abandons the plate helm in favor of the iron coif.

@CatieCat, based on the current code, what you are seeing is intentional. (That being said, the code needs to be fixed).

For those who like to understand how armor/weapons work, each item has an ilevel, which is used to determine whether the Hearthlings should use it or not. Hearthlings prefer higher ilevel items, so more powerful/stronger items have higher ilevel. At the moment, however, the iron coif ilevel is 10, where the plate helm is 9, so footman will take an iron coif over a plate helm.

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