[Dup] Floating Iron Helmet+Bronze Breastplate

I have a bug where whenever I make an iron set of armor with my blacksmith, the blacksmith makes the set but when a male hearthling equips it the helmet floats on the left side of his head. I would upload an image, but due to me being a new user I am unable to. I do have an image of the bug however and it is very annoying as it means, unless I want my male footmen to have a helmet companion helping them patrol, I can not make iron armor for my footmen. This also happens with the bronze breastplate in a male hearthling where the breastplate floats on the left side of his head and does not go on his torso. The female footmen have no problems with the armor and equip it fine, I assume because their ponytails are too fabulous for the helmets. I had this bug before the official release of Alpha 8, in the ‘latest’ build on steam, but I did not post it as a bug. Now that the full release of Alpha 8 is out i am posting it in the hope it will be fixed sometime soon. Good job on the amazing game anyway! I love playing it!

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