[Con] Armor is not worn properly

Not sure if anyone else has bothered trying to use the bronze armor in the newest update (DEV-2081) since its of equal strength to the thick leather vest but it appears to float behind and to the side of the poor footman. The bug still persists even if I demote/promote the footman to worker and back and the bug works on all my footmen.

In other news Settler belly buttons confirmed.


Call it “Bob” and it is his friend.


gotta say, that is one of the funniest things ive seen in stonehearth, reminds me of this,

one of my footmen once picked up a hunk o’ stone and then continued to patrol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


HEY, he was gonna throw it at the goblins the next time they came.


If I remeber correctly the most common cause for this is the file wasnt exported in quibicle properly. Anyone confirm a rexport with the correct hand fixes it?

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So I’m starting to think my Hearthlings are having some issues getting dressed in the morning, this is Fred, Bobs older brother. Im now plowing the earth to see what happens with the steel armor. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Topless Tim! He kinda looks like Chuck Norris. If only he had a full beard!

Here he is “tanning” his six-pack in front of his sister-at-arms, Marianne. Showoff!

I was looking forward to seeing the different armour models. This was a bit disappointing, but I can confirm it. No idea if there was any trigger / reason for it. The only other info I have is that this hearthling was a level 2 trapper with a pet, I believe.

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Unfortunately it seems that it may be only us males who cant get dressed in the morning.

Above you can see Bob and Fred floating next to there friends, making sure abbs are shown and hair is kept nice, underneath that the ladies show how to dress, though they don’t use the helmet (may be intentional?)

All my Hearthlings were a workers before becoming a footman. And @phector2004 I too was excited to make legions of fully armored footman to take out the goblins, still working on making a smithy level 4 so I can try steel.


while I have no quarrel with guards wanting to flaunt their virility, I suppose we should [tag] this one… thanks for the report and confirmations folks! :smile:


so have metal ores been put in game already? i havent came across one and im getting alot less stone so i figured the stone i WOULD have been getting had been coded as ore viens but wasnt actually dropping yet

@apoch1999 Have you dug down till you’re digging actual stone or in a big gray stone mountain, I have yet to find a pure vein of anything though I think you can. Actual stone still has a chance to drop ore, but dirt wont.

yup…thats what it was i guess…i got up into some grey areas and stuff started droppping

it seems the Iron Mail model is off a bit on the character i don’t know if its just me but i thought i should report it anyways hope you guys get it fixed love the game vary much keep up the good work

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the helmets may get off this update

so there removing the helmets form the game? i think there kinda neat i would hate to see them go.

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hey there @hsoden … thanks for the report…

seems related to this one, so we’ve merged it here… :+1:

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No - any helmet removal will be temporary. The trouble ATM is that the head and the hair are one matrix, so until they’re separated, the helmet is going to interact… oddly.

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What are you looking at?



I have a bug where whenever I make an iron set of armor with my blacksmith, the blacksmith makes the set but when a male hearthling equips it the helmet floats on the left side of his head. I would upload an image, but due to me being a new user I am unable to. I do have an image of the bug however and it is very annoying as it means, unless I want my male footmen to have a helmet companion helping them patrol, I can not make iron armor for my footmen. This also happens with the bronze breastplate in a male hearthling where the breastplate floats on the left side of his head and does not go on his torso. The female footmen have no problems with the armor and equip it fine, I assume because their ponytails are too fabulous for the helmets. I had this bug before the official release of Alpha 8, in the ‘latest’ build on steam, but I did not post it as a bug. Now that the full release of Alpha 8 is out i am posting it in the hope it will be fixed sometime soon. Good job on the amazing game anyway! I love playing it!