[A20 - A23] Extra Rayya's Children Recipes

I made these because I found myself wanting them while playing with Rayya’s Children… but mostly just to see if I could. :stuck_out_tongue: They are not fancy. There’s no new assets here, just alternative recipes for some stock SH stuff. I’m putting them here in case someone finds them useful.

coalsmelting.smod - Adds a new smelting recipe for each ingot, which uses coal instead of wood. Can be useful if you’re short on wood early on while settling in the desert. Does not remove the original smelting recipes, so you can always choose which one you want.

desertpoyopie.smod - Adds a new cooking recipe for the Poyo Pot Pie. Rayya’s Children get several custom cooking recipes in order to be able to craft all the various items without needing resources associated with The Ascendancy. All the various items, except this one. The poyo pot pie still requires you to have wheat flour. And after getting four consecutive offers for brightbell flowers from the seed merchant, I snapped and just made a custom recipe. It is immersively desert themed, but still produces the same poyo pot pie as the stock recipe does. (As above, the original recipe still exists, so you can use both types of flour.)

These should be compatible with literally every other mod, because they don’t remove anything, and don’t change anything. They just add a few extra recipes. EDIT: Oh, and these recipes will show up regardless of which race you’re playing with, not just for Rayya’s.

License: do with these whatever you wish, as long as attribution is given. Not that I expect that it’ll come up :wink:


Tested these with Alpha 21, appeared to work just fine. Please share any findings to the contrary, if you have them. :slight_smile:


I never thought I would need coal in my life, I applaud you, have some ramen! :ramen: because I can’t find the cookie… :cookie: Found it!

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Tested today with Alpha 23, still works just fine. :slight_smile:

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