[Dev Blog] Ryya's Children and Hotloading Mods


Sounds like it’s taking a lot of background work to get Rayya’s Children in the game. Should make modding a lot more fun and dynamic! Thank’s Radiant!

Kanpai :sake:


I know close to zero about modding but this sounds very cool :slight_smile:

Also welcome on the ship @linda ^.^

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wow, seriously cool modding implications here… nice work @yshan and everyone at TR! :smile: :+1:

and a hearty welcome aboard to @linda! :confetti_ball:


Hot loading mods could definitely add some neat twists…my first though was custom baddies triggered by an event to add some twists and turns

@sdee @Albert I’m not sure exactly if im doing something wrong or not, but the way the new outfit switching is working I keep getting bits of the original outfit sticking out if it when i mod im new outfits. I think it’s just merging the outfit onto the old on. :wink: #hacker


Brand new code, weirdness is to be expected. What does your manifest.json look like?

Not at my computer atm. My own worker alias for the updated description file like Rayya’s mod though. My outfit has an offset belt buckle and you can see the default beltbuckle peeking out. I’ll send you more info tomorrow if needed :smile:

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So, for example, with this I could make a second part to my mod with ‘Tier 2 Recipes’ and only have it load after some event, such as a campaign node? Like you discover ancient knowledge and so more recipes are unlocked…
I guess this would apply to classes too (though the number of these sub-mods could grow out of control lol)

I assume these will become core features in the future. There is some evidence they were doing some beginning work on unlockable recipes awhile ago.


This is definitely a big deal for modders, and by extension, the game. Also welcome to @linda!

A far off goal of Radiant for Stonehearth is/was multiplayer raids on other settlements. So if the game loads up the Ascendency or Ryya as mods for individual saves, will the game be able to handle Ascendency troops entering the desert city of the Children and what UI will the Ascend player use in this case.