Rayya's Children - Auto harvest and blacksmith fuel


I have been playing Rayya’s Children, love the variety.

A couple things from my time in the dessert. Quickly realized that starting without an farmers hove was a mistake. I have to harvest the nature constantly manually way to much micro management Actually a shame I would love to play them as living of the land, trapper for meat and workers harvesting the plants in nature. This could be made with a simple auto harvest you could set for a plant.

Later in the game when you get a blacksmith you start using a lot of wood to do smelting. I love the fact that they depend on clay and stone instead of wood. so I would suggest that the can use coal or an other form for fuel. Maybe some bush that can produce firewood but not lumber.

Thanks Peter

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You can move replenishing plants into a spot in your base. Line them up in neat rows of 2 and just draw the “collect ressources” box around them once a day. Moving the plants is a little annoying, but it will help you all game long.


I did that for silkeweed, but would still like a form for auto harvest.

So by auto harvest you mean they seek out the selected plant/rock/bush in the world and gather from it?

Plant/bush not rock, the things that grow back.

I found that an easier way to get wood for rayya’s children is the trader stall. You can slowly stockpile wood from them (just FYI, but I do like the coal idea).

I think it would be cool to have an option to use coal or wood, which can definantly balance the two races and even provide a way for multiplayer when the two races can live in one biome.

If you could collect animal dung Rayya’s children could burn that as fuel!