[Dev Blog] An Alpha 12 Musical Interlude


The musicologist in me screams “YES!”

The gamer in me screams “Oh God, there goes my free time for the foreseeable future…”


I have loved all of the tracks Raj has shared so far, and I am really looking forward to hearing them actually in-game. The rest of the Alpha 12 features should be pretty neat, too, although I suspect the new crafter stuff will mean I’d better redesign my town plans a bit.

Up until this point (at least since custom buildings were possible), I’ve been doing the same rectangular town, more or less, with six buildings for crafters along one edge, houses along the other three edges, and farms in the middle. With more crafter stations, I think I will definitely have to enlarge my crafter buildings, which might mean my crafter buildings will have to be the same size as my houses. It will certainly take some tinkering with the unstable builds. I hope those will start going out soon.


so loving this update … @Raj and @Doug, my personal musical heroes… :musical_note: