Paul the Great's modding vertex


Not just a mere two-dimensional corner… n dimensions!

So apparently this is what all the cool kids are doing, and I don’t want to keep creating new threads for my creations, especially if they’re just tiny things.

So here’s the list, in brief!

  • UnitFramePlus: Adds bonus features to the unit frame, including a red border for hostile targets, a button for changing jobs, a button for toggling the Job activity on/off, and a group of buttons for attacking the selected hostile target with any or all military parties.
  • Obligation/Timer Tracker Tracks your consumable durations and trading stall cooldowns and allows you to directly use or auto-use them.
  • Insert Craft Order (Steam link) Adds an ugly button underneath the normal workshop craft button that inserts the order at the top of the queue instead of putting it at the bottom.
  • Town Inventory Tracker (Steam link) Extremely simple mod that adds click functionality to the items in the Town Overview Inventory tab: clicking on an item selects and moves the camera to it, and repeatedly clicking on the same entry cycles through all items collated there.
  • Storage Alert ( (5.1 KB)) Quick and dirty every-2-seconds-updating check on items that fail to be restocked. I don’t have any current plans to develop this, as I have a number of other higher priority things on my plate and I hate UI work, but it could be useful for finding items that aren’t getting restocked and figuring out why (reason isn’t included by the restock_director and I don’t want to try to hack it in).

Right now I’m trying to puzzle my way through the water system (there’s a lot of code here! including the floating box mod and wet stone, it’s 41KB+3KB+20KB+34KB+44KB = 142KB of Lua, plus other relevant stuff) so I can make a couple entities that influence it.