Remer's Creations


few things I’ve been working on today. I feel like im missing things from my building so I thought why not make it

Carpenter items

Log Split

Blacksmith Items

Copper Ore Barrel - V.1

Gold Ore Barrel - V.1

Iron Ore Barrel - V.1

Tin Ore Barrel - V.1

I have yet to test them in game as i really dont know how :frowning: something ill work on tonight at home i guess


Love the barrels, but would suggest like 10% to 15% more ore in them, just to give them the look of more than stone. Looks great otherwise, might even use them if they get modded in.

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Awesome suggestion :smiley: was thinking about that myself. will make some changes

Need some awesome person to teach me to mod them in or get someone to do it for me lol

awesome work @Nathan_Hodge_Remer, really like the look of the log with the axe in it. the barrels are also pretty awesome, perhaps a bit to"voxely" to fit the stonehearth style (not that it’s bad to create your own style though)

i look forward to seeing more of your stuff in the future :smile:

i’d suggest starting by checking out the starter mods,


going over starter mod now thanks!

With the Barrels, do you think i should make them have less edges and more ore? not really sure what you mean by voxely lol

I think what @8BitCrab is trying to say with “voxely” is that StoneHearth has a certain aesthetic look-and-feel of voxels make-up, which is a much simpler style. the amount of variation in the ore you present does give it a more realistic look but is in contrast from what the ore looks like in game. Much the same way StoneHearth has certain color scheme that make objects feel like they belong with each other (I have a hard time with color schemes I always made mine too bright)


oh, whoops! somehow missed your question earlier @Nathan_Hodge_Remer :grimacing: but @Geokhan explained exactly what i meant (and a lot better than i could have) :slight_smile:


Makes sense, but of work to do. I was going to do a pile of ore in them instead. something i will work on tonight when i get home.

I have been able to add them to game though :smiley:


These look great, and it’s awesome to see them working in-game!

Are the ore barrels planned to be a decoration, or a storage item? IMO we could really use an “ore pile” item to condense the large amount of ores you get when mining veins into a more manageable single item; they can then be harvested as the blacksmiths need more ore. Hopefully you can copy/paste most of the required data straight out of the stone/clay/log piles for that.

Also, in line with what @8BitCrab mentioned with the very “voxel-y” ore in the barrels, what if you had a flat base of that style to “fill up” the bins and then scattered some of the smaller ore items over the top, so it looks like there’s a lot of ore rocks packed into the barrel? That way, it would create a visual link between the barrel and the ore rocks it’s storing, and it would be a way to carry the ore rocks themselves into your model while also keeping your own work, so there’s a nice mix of textures and it’s not simply a copy/paste.