More chests from Mel

With the help of Stonehearth community (you are awesome people!), I present


…told ya I suck at naming.
Anyway, with help from Drotten and Hyrule_Symbol I’ve created a small mod (GitHub) that holds a simple animation and a script (thanks Drotten!) to make it work.

Mechanics is quite simple actually. Every time a Hearthling gets close to the chest, the chest opens. When no one is around, the chest closes. Gone are the days when your Hearthlings dropped things on the lid and saw them magically disappear!*
In other words, it’s just like a door. But a chest.

Lodewall Engineers’ Guild hope to refine animations and add more awesome opening things. Like barrels. Or crates. Or boxes. In the meantime, offer your own container schematics for the guild to work on!

Ref for myself: cooking Magica with Blender

*In no way can you hold Lodewall Engineers’ Guild responsible for accidentally pinching your fingers in a chest. Remember to adhere to chest safety rules. Chest-proof gloves can be ordered from any qualified Guild representative.


Works good, lookin cute… I can’t wait for more :stuck_out_tongue: (especially for barrels)

Some more tinkering. Still on GitHub, but this time I applied some tricks learned from Hyrule.


Small reinforced iron-bound crate, inspired by Zach Soares’s amazing voxel works.

PS. Now lookin’ for a barrel model to tinker with.

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looks goodz!

i love Zach Soares work

i made this crummy little barrel model awhile back, feel free to upgrade/tinker with it, (1.7 KB)

No idea who it is.

Hey @Kittyodoom , have any clues?


Now part of me wants to see an entire Stonehearth world all “rounded”.


Updated to work in Alpha 18+ builds.