Help with Animation

HEY guy, so I really just need to know where the animation code and maybe some tips on how to set up an animation. BTW for now since its my first attempt I an just going to use the default animation I just want to apply it to my model which is why I need the location. THANK!!!

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This is a rather trivial example: a chest is a model of two pieces (base and lid), and one of them (base) is not moving. So you have only one element (lid) moving in only one direction (rotating).

A thing I didn’t mentioned here is that you need import/export plugin for Blender. Literally falling asleep now, so try searching Discourse for it.
Also, voxelpirate has a mega useful video tutorial on youtube about animating SH models.

PS. Assuming you don’t have any pro-tools like Maya and want to try with free ones (Magica, Blender, VoxelShop).


I can model in maya and yes I have it

I use Maya, Cubik Studio, and Paint.NET to make most of my stuff

Which existing model are you imitating? The skeletons and animations are in stonehearth/data/rigs but if you’re copying an existing entity the path should be in its json file.

I need the walk animation for the Hearthlings

In the json file of your entity, you’d add the reference to the skeleton and animations of the hearthlings like this:

"render_info" : {
         "animation_table" : "stonehearth:skeletons:humanoid:male"

Depending on the AI packs of your entity, it will automatically get the other animations. The walk animation itself is in stonehearth\data\rigs\entities\humans\animations\male\walk.json

oh ok can I have the can I have the Skeleton animation directory please.

If you haven’t found it yet it’s stonehearth\data\rigs\entities\humans\skeletons
The “stonehearth:skeletons:humanoid:male” alias that I mentioned above, points to a specific file inside that directory (look at the manifest.json).

k thanks my guy . easfwd