Mel's general stuff (and index)

I’ve decided to somewhat organize my stuff. Because I have procrastination issues.
More lights
Intended to increase a variety of lights available from different crafters, this is my first and arguably main mod. It’s far from being perfect but I try to update it for any API changes.

More chests
My attempt at creating animated containers. Actually a successful one, though I treat it more like a framework than an actual mod. Although it is extremely small you can make your own animated chests and other containers based on this one!

Lodewall decorations
My place to dump all the things that I made at some point but that won’t fit into other categories. Fences, beds, you name it. Mostly decorative.

Ref for myself: cooking Magica with Blender

What is this thread for?
I thought it would be better to keep my non-mod-related models here to prevent mod topics from clogging. This way I should be able to track your mod problems, bugs and suggestions more easily.
I’ve tried to create a general topic for model suggestions at some point when I thought idea generators and modellers can work on a suggestion-response principle. Seems like it’s more difficult than that. Also I tend to fall back to other games and real life from time to time, and supporting “general” threads for me is hard - I’m not the most talkative fella. So I guess it would be better to keep ideas directed at me in a separate place.

What are those threads for?
I won’t be stripping them from old random posts. Firstly, I’m nostalgic like that. Secondly, it involves too much work and post juggling. But from now on I’ll try to keep those threads more focused, meaning to use them for:

  • Actual update notes for the mods
  • Targeted idea suggestions
  • Specific mod-related polls and requests
  • Mod feedback
    And that hopefully means that you won’t be reading the stuff you don’t want to :content: