Garden of Incredible and Modest Model Embellishments (Request-and-Response thread)

Ah, you’d prefer swamp willows over weeping, gotcha

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i really like your weeping willow model, and i also really like the swamp tree from the render… so i see no reason to not have both :wink:


horrible done silkie!



One swamp willow

KoD_Willow_Tree.qb (40.1 KB)

Bear with me, was trying to do it by eye off the picture


Forgot to turn on the background when taking screenshots:


I like both, but I don’t like current oak model much. It’s too… circley and simple for my taste. Like a chupa chups.
Tried Cube World the other day - that’s exactly the kind of trees I like. I’ll try to post some screens as soon as I make them.
Your willows are cool. Could you by chance make a… bigger and more leafy version?

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Just physically bigger, or extended?

Ahem; x2 size, or same size but taller with more branches?

Currently your willow looks like a tree in early to middle age. Imagine how a 100-year old willow would like :wink:
For reference:

Dug Cube World RPG a little.

Complex trees like pines or palms are modelled as a whole (or leaf by leaf for palms). Oaks, however, show a more interesting approach. There are 2-3 modifications of a trunk and only one (yup) modification of leaves - that is, a colored ellipsoid. However during world generation the game takes every trunk and attaches a random number of randomly resized leaf ellipsoids. Selecting a random color for them (unified across a single tree). Thus we get lots of trees that look different and make a nice picture but are essentially one and the same model.
A curious trick. Maybe Stonehearth could use it. It could greatly diversify some tree types like oak, making them procedurally generated as well. On the downside, it will most probably increase the load of the system running the game.
Still, will try using that style in manual editing. Looks nice.

Wasn’t Cube Worlds last update years ago?

yes, it was last updated July 23, 2013. not sure why that matters though…

Just wondering. I had bought the game, played it for a bit then when they stopped updating it I kinda fell off of it. If it had been updated I was gonna go take a look.

Yes but as far as I know the author still works on it. Considering there are only two authors…

It’s still been three years. I liked the game, I just got bored of what was there.


The author responded again - last October - and is still again active on Twitter. No actual updates yet, though.

I’ve never even played the game, and I can’t buy it now because they’ve closed their shop page. That might have been the honest thing to do, but…

But that’s neither here nor there.

Bonsai trees would be cool.

KoD_Swamp_Willow.qb (62.1 KB)

Working on a slightly altered model for Large / Ancient variants


Also, I loved Cube World :heart:

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-redacted; send message to see / request old Large Swamp Willow-

these are really amazing!


I still check the cubeworld sub every day :frowning: Just waiting…