Looking for mod creation tutorial

Hi there! I were just looking for tutorials to create a mod (and I find them) but I’m not good at coding with JSON. I need some video tutorial, so if you find any, pls tell me in the comment. Thank you for your help. :wink:


Hi @Killex :wave: :smile:! Interested in modding I see.

The thread above contains tutorials from adding your very own content in the game, may it be furniture, decoration, weapon and armor. It also has a template mod that you can download as a guide to build your mod around on :wink:.

Also, asking and even just looking around the forums really helps, we’ll be happy to assist :blush:.

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Hi @Killex :merry:
I have recently been where you find yourself at… I was frustrated aswell and ended up scrapping my ideas of coding anything in stonehearth.
Luckly there are alot of great coders on the forums that can help out with this problem!
Furthermore i think @BrunoSupremo was thinking about making some kind of template for modding things into the game? I dont know if this will be done, he has alot of things baking in the oven :jubilant:

I look forward to see what your ideas are for the game and have a great day!

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Thank you so much! :wink:

I wouldn’t call writing JSONs “coding” since it’s just a structurized text file. Nevermind.

There is some useful animation stuff in there. Also, example files on Github.
shameless self-insertion

JSONlint is a must for quick syntax checks.


hehe well that depends on how much knowledge you have as an individual on the matter i guess? For me, writting text that gets things done is equal code :jubilant: