More lights from Mel (and other modelling stuff)

Also, I suck at naming topics.

Wasn't happy with cold lights from lanterns, so by the power of blacksmithery my hearthlings have invented

Which is inspired by braziers from Portal Knights (but not really similar). Also, now with 100% more voxels.

…Because there is never enough of the stuff.

My first try at MagicaVoxel so critisize the crap out of it.
It’s also lore-friendly! At least I hope it is. :merry:

Current version: 1.1с

CONTENTS **Wooden torch** Crafted by: carpenter (no requirements) Resources: 1 wood, 1 thread (any) Stats: constant light, medium range, wall mount

Clayware candle
Crafted by: potter lvl2
Resources: 1 clay
Stats: constant light, small range, ground/table mount
Inspired by that game with flying khajiits.

Stone candelabra new!
Crafted by: mason lvl3
Resources: 1 stone
Stats: constant light, medium range, ground/table mount
Heavily inspired by SkySaga (I wouldn’t even use the word “inspired” here since the changes are minimal)

Tall stone candelabra new!
Crafted by: mason lvl4
Resources: 2 stone
Stats: constant light, medium range, ground mount
Based on SkySaga design.

Tin lamp
Crafted by: blacksmith lvl1
Resources: 1 tin ingot, 1 clay
Stats: nighttime light, small range, ground/table mount
A wick behind the glass.

Brass lamp
Crafted by: blacksmith lvl2
Resources: 1 bronze ingot, 1 clay
Stats: nighttime light, small range, ground/table mount
A traditional storm lantern design aka “Fledermaus”.

Iron torch
Crafted by: blacksmith lvl2
Resources: 1 iron ingot, 1 thread
Stats: constant light, long range, wall mount
An oil-fueled torch. Unlike wooden torch, gives no smoke.

Iron brazier
Crafted by: blacksmith lvl2
Resources: 1 iron ingot, 1 wood
Stats: constant light, long range, ground mount
A grill pretending to be a light source.

Steel torch
Crafted by: blacksmith lvl4
Resources: 1 steel ingot, 1 thread
Stats: constant light, long range, wall mount
An oil-fueled torch loosely based on SkySaga design.

Steel brazier
Crafted by: blacksmith lvl4
Resources: 1 steel ingot, 1 coal
Stats: constant light, long range, ground mount
Inspired by Portal Knights.

Steel lantern new model!
Crafted by: blacksmith lvl4
Resources: 1 steel ingot, 1 clay
Stats: nighttime light, long range, wall mount

LATEST CHANGES 1.1c - Wooden lantern is now smaller, should fit in 3-block high corridors - beta Steel lantern!


  • New model for steel lantern
  • Light range for all lights significantly increased
  • Rebalanced prices. All light sources now should worth slightly more than their ingredients.
  • Beta version of iron torch!

1.1 “Candles and cookies”
New clayware candle!

TODO - Rework wooden torch to make it smaller (and fit it into smaller caves) - Integrate all the friggin' models into the mod: Skull lantern Candle in a pot Iron lantern Paper lantern (round) Paper lantern (square) Knob iron lamp Tall paper lantern (eastern) Glowspark lamp (based on Arctec lamps from Creativerse) Glowspark beacon (inspired by Creativerse) Brass gas lamp (engineer - TODO) - More love for tin (pewter cups?) - More love for clay - see refs. - More metal-only lights (for Ascendants who are low on clay) - Copper/bronze/brass Rayya-styled lamps. See refs. - Bioluminescence lamps (firefly? jellyfish? luminiscent mushrooms?) for both Rayyas and Ascendants. - Ideally, modify SHED to support light editing

PS. Some links to make me feel comfortable being alone and all. Also someone might find this useful.
Reference for positioning applies mostly to Qubicle, but can also be useful for Magica (axis system is the same). Note to self: Magica places model origin in the corner of the model. Hadn’t found how to change that so json shifting to the rescue.
SHED viewer for quick viewing of cubemitters. Note to self: accepts only unpacked smods as valid paths. Throws an error if you try to reference an effect inside a packed smod. Works normal in the game though.

Suddenly Praise. (outdated)
Also GitHubbed. (updates first)

On GitHub click “Clone or download”, then download as ZIP. Unpack the only folder in the ZIP archive (lodewall_lights-master), rename it to lodewall_lights and drop into your SH mods folder.

In case anyone’s gonna use MagicaVoxel for models, here’s the palette I used. All the colors are picked from existing SH vanilla models (order, right to left: steel, iron, clay, weapon/armor wood, copper, tin, bronze, silver, gold, some more wood (not all, there are too much colors), glass, cloth and some stone in the end).


very nice, especially for a first try! are you going to be making a mod out of this?

Already did it. Not sure where to place it. Maybe on GitHub.


oh, awesome :smile:

the most common way to share mods are with places like dropbox and googledrive, and then prviding a link to the download, though there is also praiseDB by @Shizuyori, which is another good method for sharing mods

Seems like I’m too lazy to register :rolling_eyes:
GitHub link - zip download works, but the folder inside needs to be renamed to “lodewalllights”. And the zip itself changed to smod. I tested it when unpacked but suppose this should work just as well.

Time and level requirement are random, just wanted to make sure it works.
Oh. And it’s perma-on. For the same reason. I like lights.


Not really happy with how it turned out. When under cubemitter it gets more orange-ish, and that doesn’t feel right. Tried tinkering with the emitter, seems like I got it right (not sure about the curves - I suppose it’s about bezier curves but I can’t pop the right numbers out of my mind, so any guide would be helpful). The glass still needs a more appropriate coloring. Gonna meditate on the palette, maybe that’ll fix it.
Also I don’t think coal is appropriate in the recipe. Yet I don’t like leaving lights without fuel. Got to think about that.


For this time when you really want grilled sausages*.

Iron brazier is more economical in that it doesn’t require a skilled blacksmith and steel.
Also inspired by Portal Knights.

*doesn’t do grilled sausages.

Note to self: the coloring is not good. Make border brighter?


I can see you’re already registered on praise :confused:

Oh. Right. There was this story with the password.
Will upload to Praise as soon as I’m more or less satisfied with the models and balance. It’s a hard challenge to be a perfectionist :confused:

Edit: not so hard after all. Bumped the first post with Praise and GH links in case anyone needs this. Any feedback?

Edit2: Oh. And lantern now requires 1 clay for the glass (since there’s no quartz).


Steel lantern. Not sure if it really fits SH style.


Glad to see it’s still useful. I haven’t touched it in months but unless they radically change the Cubemitters I imagine it should continue to function.

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It is. I currently only used it for color-picking but it’s not limited to that. Of course, it’s technically more a real-time viewer than an editor, but still it’s quite useful. Not to say it’s the only existent cubemitter tool I know of.
Though there is always something more to wish for, like supporting light emitters (at least emitter positioning) or voxel reference grid or-
Sorry, got carried away :upside_down:


Steel carbide lamp. Not really interesting cause I didn’t paint a reflector. And I didn’t do it cuz I don’t know if I can make a directional lighting in Stonehearth. And having a non-working reflector is plain stupid.

Iron oil lamp. Like the previous iron lantern but without the air tubes. Has a wide base to put it on a table.

Clayware candle. Inspired by the game of all times. In case you don’t know what game is the game of all times, it is Morrowind. Guess I’ll add it when I beat my indolence.
It would be cool to have Hearthlings carry these. Bummer.


I hadn’t thought about adding lights to it but it wouldn’t be that hard to add. I really wanted to add the ability to import entire models that were generated out of Qubicle. Then you could have reference items or see how your effect looks on your model, etc. One day I might revisit it and clean it up as just a generalized effect editor/viewer. :slight_smile:


What is better than lights? More lights. Because Stonehearth can always use more lights.
Version 1.1 with candles and cookies. I’m somewhat proud of the torch since I managed to squeeze sound, glow, fire and smoke in a single item.
…still don’t know how will it behave under heavy load. My SH doesn’t show nice framerate in well-lit areas anyway.


Thankyou for updating Praise too.

Just pretend it’s made of clay or stone. Because it totally is. The crafting sheet cannot lie!

Just when I thought we’re done here…

Can’t figure how to make skeletons drop skulls to make this cute guy. Halloween is a little early this year.


Under Stonehearth/lib there is a loot table folder, however inside of it is a lua file, might be there? It is Lua though…

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This is so beautifull .

loving the looks of this mod so far, i might have to test it out…

just wondering, does the skull light burn with green flames or just normal flames?

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