BBQ's Voxel Corner [MODS included]

So, after I had some time to play with the tools (MagicaVoxel and VoxelShop), I now want to share some of the stuff I made so far. When looking at my creations, please keep in mind: I am an absolute voxel rookie :yum:

Two practicing targets for Hearthling soldiers and the armory sign. The design of the armor and sign are inspired by existing ones from the game to match their style (once I have the time to bring them into the game). I plan to make some more military deco stuff.


BBQ’s Fountains V 1.0
This adds a new well to the game, which can be crafted by a level 2 potter. It has no functionality besides beeing a decorative object.

BBQ’s Fountains V 2.0 (with Cafe Mod support)
The wells contained in this version do support the “Gather Water” mechanic from Froggy’s Cafe Mod. So, if this mod is installed too, water can be collected from my wells (used with kind permission of Cafe Mod owner).

BBQ’s Chimneys (with real virtual smoke) V 1.3
This adds a bunch of ‘Chimney Tops’ that can be placed on slabs to constructs chimneys. They use cubemitters to generate smoke plumes. Currently, the pack contains several variants made of stone and clay bricks (manufactured by the mason and potter).
Edit1: fixed a small bug that caused Hearthlings to sit on chimneys and some typos.
Edit2: some subtle changes to the smoke cubemitter. Added 2 new stone tops.

How to use mods:

  1. Download the .smod file you want to use
  2. Place it in the [Your Steam Apps Path]\Stonehearth\mods directory.
  3. Play! :slight_smile:

oooooooh looks very nice! good work sir!

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My only complaint is that they’re a little messy. Some parts might match Stonehearth’s style better if they’re a little more blocky.

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Off topic: Happy 2 year anniversary @coasterspaul!


Wonderful models :slight_smile: If you hadn’t said this was your first attempt, I wouldn’t have guessed – I don’t see any obvious rookie errors. Either you’re really good at cleaning them up in your review phase; or your just naturally talented enough not to make such errors lol.

Looking at that target, I like the random clustering of arrow hits but I’m not too sure about the square edges. I know that Stonehearth models generally follow the “Round Things Are Evil” rule, but there are exceptions in the vanilla content – specifcally, I’m thinking of the RC’s decorative plates and trays. I think your target may look more convincing if it had rounder corners, but still kept the flat parts at the edge… the classic ‘blocky circle’. One of the many online circle generators for use in Minecraft builds might be a good place to start testing some options, to see if there are any circle designs which speak to you.

Thank you all for your kind words. That’s definitely s motivating.

@YetiChow: actually, an early version of the archery target was round (kind of). But it looked very strange to me and I considered it unfitting to the general SH style.
And these models aren’t my ver… very first attempts - just the first ones I dared to make public. My very first one was an ugly abomination of a fountain. I did it a favour and deleted it :wink:

@coasterspaul: which parts would you design in a more blocky style? I am always open to hints.

Just finished two weapon models. A Great Axe and a Battle Axe. They are actually usable in game already. But I have some clipping issues (the models slice through the ground, when the wielder is moving his arm while patrolling/walking). If anyone knows how to change the way weapons are carried, any help is apprecialted.


I think the corners at the top of the sign might look better straighter, and the target might look better without quite as much wear. I like the look, but it’s a bit too much now which makes each individual hole not as noticeable.

i think also that the sign might look better if it’s a bit space between the sign and the sides going up.
Looks like the sign could have kept its place even if those at top was removed because of the space missing.

i like the ideas tho and i like that training dummy :smiley:

The sign has one voxel space next to the support beams. But i made it thicker than the original, wall mounted ones. It is a bit difficult to see in the pic. Maybe I post a pic from a different angle later.

i really like these two! only suggestion i might have is looking at SH’s steel weapons to perhaps match the color palette a little more (unless you weren’t actually going for the steel weapon look)

@8BitCrab: Well, I used the vanilla two-handed swords color palette. Isn’t that one of the steel weapons? But to be honest, I didn’t really try to match any looks here.

Meanwhile I did some quick creations that sprang to my mind, thanks to the cold weather outside (i.e. Lake Constance, southern Germany). The game’s called StoneHearth, but there are no real hearths in the game (yet). Thus, I present you this:

Well, you could also call it a fireplace or mantlepiece, I guess :smile:


oh, haha, yep the two-handed sword is a steel weapon, guess it’s just the way the colors are set up on yours that threw me off :sweat_smile:

oooh! that’s really nice looking, love the fancy gold grate in the front!

Very nice work. Keep 'em cominig.

Or the way, Magicavoxel renders it. I just realized that the reg. models are much brighter in it. I am still learning how to use it.

And I revised the archery target. Removed some details and emphasized others. I hope it’s now less messy, as @coasterspaul suggested.


The next batch of pics is just some signs. But they have a nice little story to them (at least some), I wanted to share.
All startet, when I used the vanilla sign model to try what I could do with the small space available. And I wanted to have some more signs for taverns and inns… After some drafts I testd my skill at drawing a lion… and failed miserably. Whatever I did, it always looked like the sphinx from old Super Mario Land - Stage 2. That was the point, when my girlfriend got involved. Her (much better) approach can be seen on the pics below. Pretty neat, isn’t it? Now, that we both were sitting in front of the screen, it also drew the attention of her five year old son (a great admirer of SH, btw). So, three people were now sitting on the couch - deep in a discussion about how to draw a ship. Since everyone already had some mouse-time, the little one now demanded to get a chance as well. I was quite astonished, when he started to draw mast, sail and a hull - because, what he created was a quite fitting longboat. The one you see below is his draft. All I added, are the stripes on the sail and the small shields, mounted to the hull. We three are all proud of him :grinning:

PS: I know, double post… but I believe it’s worth it :slight_smile:


I really love those signs.


i really like the idea of just generic non-class-related signs, and these ones definitely do the job well! also cool to hear that you drew your girlfriend and your son into designing them with you, definitely a fun way to hang out :smile:


Did find some time to do more models. This time, I tried to fix the lack of halberds in SH :smiley:

4 versions of a halberd and two versions of a slightly smaller poleaxe.


:clap: These halberds are so cute.

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