Lodewall decorations

Why throw away the trash when you can put it on the Internet?

Different stuff not suitable for my other mods. Feel free to use.
I’ll try to keep it as lore-friendly and SH style-compliant as possible.

Current version: 0.3

CONTENTS **Wooden balustrade** Crafted by: carpenter lvl1 Resources: 1 wood With endpieces!

Mean Bunk Bed
Crafted by: carpenter lvl1
Resources: 1 wood
Don’t forget to manually add ladders!
Fully completed bunk beds (bed + columns + bed) are 5 blocks tall - should work for most standart houses. You can potentially stack more than 2 beds.

Bunk Bed Columns
Crafted by: carpenter lvl1
Resources: 1 wood

Lodewall Engineers’ Guild warns you: do not, we repeat, do not remove lower bunk beds and/or columns before removing upper ones. We are not responsible for any beds broken thanks to gravity.
(in other words, it’s a known issue on SH side - reported)

LATEST CHANGES 0.3 - Bunk bed! Currently mean only. 0.2 - Wooden balustrade endpiece and corner. Slightly more useful. 0.1 - Wooden balustrade. Not much to see here.
TODO none atm

GitHub. (updates first)

Check out another mod Settlement decor. I hope our mods will complement each other.


Dunno why but my Hs refuse to place corner pieces. That’s weird. Anyone willing to - feel free to look into it.

Upd: Tadaaa! Mean bunk beds!*
Because the world is a harsh and cruel place.

*ladders are not included