(Minor suggestion) Scaffolding removed when all the walls & roofs are placed

When constructing a building, it goes as following:

  1. Build floor
  2. Build walls/roof
  3. Place furniture/decoration/…

-> If 100% completed, remove scaffolding and complete building

Once all of this is done, the scaffolding gets removed and the building is complete.
Problem is, you can end up with scenarios like these:

If you don’t have the required items (like needing a stone table, while you only have a level 2 carpenter), the building will keep all of the scaffolding and ladders. This makes it hard(er) to see what is going on inside the house. And getting that particular item can take some time, you’d either have to wait till a friendly traderino comes by and sells you it, or wait till one of your crafters is sufficiently levelled up to craft the item.

So I suggest changing the building pattern into this:

  1. Build floor
  2. Build walls/roof

-> (Automatically) remove all scaffolding/ladders

  1. Place furniture/decoration/…

-> If 100% done, complete building

Obviously, this problem could be easily avoided by just removing the furniture/decoration/… you can’t make yet, and place them in afterwards. (That’s why this is a minor suggestion)

TL;DR: Remove scaffolding & ladders when the roof and all the walls are constructed, then place furniture/decoration/… .

NO NO NO! This will make it impossible to use fixture columns and I’ve been waiting for that feature for almost a year. Now someone is asking to remove it while it has been with us for like 3 releases.



Ah okay! I didn’t know you needed that to use those columns. I guess this is the best solution then, thanks for answering!

Does the building service not identify the fixture columns as support structures? Surely it has to build them before building other parts of the building that are supported by them, and so it can properly categorize them as structural and not decorative?

I imagine there’s a solution that works for everyone, where the building’s structure is completed first (including any structural entities like fixture columns), then scaffolding and ladders are removed, then ladders are placed for decorative entities (non-structural furniture/decorations), those entities are placed, and finally those ladders are removed.

Edit: and even if the game doesn’t identify individual entities as support structures (e.g., if a fixture column isn’t necessary for support), surely those entities could be tagged in some way in their JSON that they are “structural” and so should be built in the structural building stage with any special rules that happen there compared to “placing” them as entities later?

It keeps the ladders because items are just like blocks for the builder. Imagine that instead of placing a window, someone was going to add another block, it should not remove the ladder else it will be impossible to reach it again. “just add another ladder later” is not a good solution because what matters most is that all reachable areas are still the same. You would risk making specific areas of the build inaccessible.