Picking up a middle item from a stack destroys the upper

Picking up a middle item from a stack destroys the upper.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Craft 3 large wooden crates
  2. Place them in the world
  3. Order to move 2 of the crates on top of the 3rd (you may need to add ladders for this to work)
  4. Order to pick up the middle crate

Expected Results:
Middle crate picked up. Upper crate drops on the lower crate.

Actual Results:
Middle crate picked up. Upper crate disappears (gets destroyed).

I can confirm this bug with large wooden crates. My tests with mean beds show different results - they behave as intended.
I’ve also noticed large wooden crates can only be stacked with “move” command, while mean beds can be stacked with “place item” straight away. Are those things related?

Version Number:

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Hmm what happens if you place the middle crate again?
Does the upper crate reappear?


This is similar to my issue with roads, where items placed on other items will be destroyed when the base item is removed. I wonder if it applies to other objects as well?

Wow! That’s a good idea. Just checked it - yes, if you place middle crate anywhere, the upper one appears on top of it again.
It’s still a bug, but now we know it is not destroyed. Some very powerful magic trickery there.


There are some bugs out there with items attaching to other items and you can’t easily separate them :frowning2:


This is the first time this happened. I do not know if this is working as intended, just reporting it as odd behavior.

Previous times when I told them to move chests that were beneath stacked chests, they just picked the bottom chest up and moved it and apparent behavior was that the top chest ‘dropped’ to the space that the previous bottom chest had occupied.

This time however the hearthling ran off with the lower chest and upper chest and carried both. I only noticed once it had happened, not a big deal just didn’t know if it was supposed to work that way or not.