Stackable Crates?

I like this idea because currently only crates can become “fine” crates and so therefore they are superior to everything else that is a storage item. I am waiting for barrels to be added as well- the animations for rolling them around would be amazing. :smile:

Seriously though, crates would be twice as good if you could stack them. :wink:
Think about it.

i know in the past they used to be able to be stacked, but i think it was causing some nasty bugs so the stacking was removed for now. (could be wrong about why it as removed though)

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really? I didn’t know that, never tried to stack them though, assumed it wasn’t possible.

darn! I missed the good ol’ days

crates have definitely had some bugs, a few of them I found myself, so I get it

Um…they can still be stacked, just have to do it in an annoying way. In the past, you could tell them to put one crate on top of another, but now, you have to place both on the ground, then move command one on top of the other.


Apparently my woodcuttership is superior to yours :yum:


If you place the crates next to a wall you can stack them on the wall, but you can’t naturally stack them, which is weird.

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haha touche, I should have clarified, only wooden things become “fine” is what I meant

true, but its glitchy and causes me to sometimes have to do the command “destroy_immediately” when I get floating move orders where they place an item but the game freaks out and the object never appears when placed.

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When it comes to stacking crates, I’ve had much better success when placing them both separately and then moving an already placed crate on top of the other, vs trying to stack one from my inventory.