Can't stack crates on blueprint mode

Can crates no longer stack on one another?

I noticed it as well. It seems in A20 (maybe 19, I dunno) you can no longer stack any decorations etc.

I think you can, but you need to wait for the item at the bottom to be placed, then try to place the other item on top.

Nope this is after item is placed

Edit Note: okay you can not place straight from inventory, but once item is place on ground u can then move and stack them! (Wierd LOL) but also you can stack any item in blueprint mode. So to confirm you can not place stackable items form inventory only after item has been initially been placed

Edit Note 2: Confirmed no long able to stack in blueprint mode either. just goes through items

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Thanks, I’ll try that out.

For me they’ll just go inside of eachother, not on top…

Ill test this now i havent had a problem with yet, but ill see brb

Edit Note: Yeah your right, can not stack in blueprint mode no longer. Thanks for the heads up

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