Placing Items above other Items

Hey Community!
I have a question about placing Objects in the new Alpha versions. In previous Alphas it was possible to place Objects above other ones. Like a crate above another crate.

This was changed in the last Alpha Updates because the system was a little bit buggy (i think so…)

So my question is. It’s there any possibility to place Items above other ones?

For example: i’m working on a update for my Mod and there are some decorative Elements like a Plate for placing it above a Table…

You can place the item you want to place over another to a random place, then move that item to where you want it. That still lets you stack items.

Edit: It would be good to be able to stack them the normal way again though.


Ahh also it’s this the only possibility for now :frowning:

I hope the Radiant Team will change this in future Alphas too…

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I know somebody found another way in a recent bug report, but I don’t remember how.