Placing Items on Tables?

I can’t find an answer and I swear I managed to pull it off like a year ago, but is it known to be possible to put an item (like a lamp) on a table (or a dresser)?

Like I can get items to placement ghost but if I click they just don’t get the set ghost, and sometimes they’ll get set to be built in front of it.

I wish this was fixed.
For now, one workaround is to place the item somewhere random, and then ask to move it on top of the table. For some reason, moving an already placed item works.

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Workaround works… ish. Everything insists that it’s 1 full cube in the air.

Yeah, that is also a problem. Objects only align at full blocks in the vertical axis. So objects that are like half a block tall gets stuff (hearthlings included) floating above it.

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I’m sorry for necroing this post, but please? Pretty please? This has been an issue for quite some time and workarounds don’t work.