[1658] Possible Rug Bug?

I’m not quite sure if this is a bug or my imagination, but when rugs were first introduced I thought that furniture was able to be placed on top of them. However I noticed this last update that we are unable to place things on them. Can anyone confirm this?

If this wasn’t possible before then I guess this would be a suggestion thread. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: We really need to be able to put furniture on rugs!


wow… I don’t think I had even thought to add furniture on top of rugs, although now it seems so painfully obvious! :blush:

can anyone confirm if this has been possible in previous clients? if not then this is indeed a great suggestion… :+1:


No one? How sad :frowning:

Maybe @sdee, @Albert, or @Ponder could tell us if it is a bug or an unimplemented feature?

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I distinctly remember being able to put rugs UNDER objects… Like I put a rug under the edge of a desk and it worked. Never tried putting things on a rug though…

I came for the title. xD

Other than that, I hope this bug gets fixed.


I don’t think it has ever been legally possible to put furniture on top of rugs, though I am totally open to the possibility that it was once possible via some bug we’ve overlooked. :wink:

We’ve been talking about this for a while, and it is way down on @not_owen_wilson’s list , but the ability to query an object on mouseover and discover if it will allow placement on it is not yet in the game.