Placing things on top

While watching today’s stream I’ve seen a curious bug/undesired behaviour posted by @Halokillz .
Curious enough to break @yshan 's head :grin: It’s that you can place things on top of stone tower brazier, but can’t place them on top of simple stone brazier.
I, however, found out that, while tricky, it’s actually possible.
The thing is, you should hover over the brazier and search for a point where the game will allow it.

Here you can see the flag (right) and wooden garden lantern (left) placed on top of not lit stone brazier.

As Yang noted in the stream, only collision shapes are considered for the placement. So I suppose introducing some kind of tag inside the json forbidding placing other things directly on top of this one will solve the problem.
This way we can put this tag on braziers, but keep placement on tables/dressers.

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this is also a problem during build mode and not being able to build because your buildign plans will be placed on top of real objects in the world. this doesn’t make much sense as there are currently no objects that you would really want to place things on top of. I mean later this could be a useful thing to have an option for, but currently its just annoying.

Seeing last night’s stream… and the boxes that were shown, that is actually on top of the flame itself. The bounding box of the flame. Just figured I would point that out, as that is what it looks like from the pic, and yes very astonishing. I like the tower brazier being able to do that; however the short one… especially if going to be floating like that, mind as well not be able to due to the odd look of it.

Just the way i see it. :slight_smile:

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I respectfully disagree because it is perfectly right and proper for my Hearthlings’ plush toy rabbits to be on top of the dresser next to their bed.