Hearthlings place an item, then pick it up and put it back in storage

I’ve been trying to get my hearthlings to place one stone tower brazier next to a gate. The only thing that I can think of, is that they don’t like placing it on the corner of the road.

I don’t understand why it allows me to place it, however, if they’re just going to pick it up and pouty walk it back into storage again. You can see in the picture that the hearthling actually will put the tower down, but then promptly picks it back up and marches it back to storage. No errors popping up

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hmm… this happened with birdbaths awhile back…


I’m thinking because the little corner of road there exists, that they just don’t want to place it there, but I’m not sure. :confused:

shouldn’t be the problem, as birdbaths had this exact problem in alpha 9, and it didn’t matter where you placed it.

So far, it’s only this one brazier, as I was able to place all the others in the wall.

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huh, i will test this later and see what i can find.

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I remember the bird bath bug as well, and normally haven’t had any trouble placing items. Best guess is that there’s a collision issue, either with the road or the gate / wall.

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my workers just keep picking up items and placing them down in a new spot and it just keeps going on. only started after killing a goblin chief