Hearthlings won't stock into stacked crates

While you can place crates onto another crate, Hearthlings can’t reach the inventory to make them useful. Also this second one won’t place next to it.

Are the ones below part of the building blueprint, or were all of them placed after the building was built?

Placed after. I just placed them there. No problem with other crates placed after. I was testing various stocking issues to see if it was a pathing thing.

One thing I forgot to test was different directions of the doors to see if that mattered.

I tried to repro and they filled the bottom crates first, then started to fill one of the crates above, but stopped restocking at some point even though there was still space in all the crates I placed above other crates :thinking:

@max99x this feels like reachability / adjacency (though it also happened on stacked crates without adjacent buildings). When I place a short ladder they recognize the crate on top again. Perhaps the restock errands get cancelled somehow :confused:

Yes, this is a reachability issue. The solution for it is pending our decision about the way we handle items placed on other items.