Error placing multiple crates

Build 0.12.0 Release 460

Attempted to place several crates around the world to collect items out of the 4 i placed out of the settlement (world) only 2 were factually placed in the world. When one became full i sent it for retreival… another box was placed in the slot. At this time all the workers started standing around.

Hey @flashand, have you encountered this issue again?

have not made an attempt to do this again, will check soonish

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ive noticed a strange bug when im wanting to move some full storage containers when I have the same type in my stash piles.

when I move a full container I expect the one I want moved to be picked up and placed back to the new location. instead one gets taken form my stash and placed in the location I wanted one moved to, this keeps happening if I have that same item im wanting moved in a stash. once I run out of the items in the stash then the already placed ones will be moved

I think its @Albert or @yshan I should be paging? (sorry guys if im worng)

wondering if @8BitCrab or @jomaxro would know about this or have heard of something like this?

I’ve seen this before…let me find it and merge.

Edit: Hey @Fralee, merged you here. What version did you encounter this issue?

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it was back in a12, cant remember what release version it was thought

I can’t reproduce this in Alpha 13, but we also didn’t do anything that might have fixed it. If anyone has more information a good way to reproduce this, let us know.

I haven’t noticed this past 13 yet either, mabey something you patched also fixed whatever was causing this bug :smile_cat:

Alright, marking “no longer applicable” for now, please post again if this reoccurs.

sure thing ill do that If I notice it again

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